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About Us

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Passion Foot is a fully dedicated vintage & modern football jersey online store located in Casablanca, Morocco.

 Moroccan-Canadian Fadel Lahlou has been collecting football jerseys for 20+ years and it was his lifetime dream to launch the first of kind dedicated online store in Morocco.


You’ll find over the course of time here hundreds hand-picked vintage & modern football jerseys all chosen with great care. All items you see come from trusted world-wide partners (mainly second-hand shops & collectors) and I have 1 rule: all of them ALWAYS pass through my hands before hitting our Website, Facebook page, Instagram Account or Facebook Private Community Group . But why did I launch Passion Foot you may ask? 

I remember my first classic soccer jersey/football shirt: an official Adidas Originals replica of a France 80s kit. It made me feel so good! The reason why I chose to go ‘classic’ for the EURO 2016 was because I did not feel like paying €85 (is it €90 now?) for a ‘template’ shirt used by many countries. If I spend that kind of money, I want something to stand out of the crowd.

 Now, after 20+ years of collecting football jerseys from iconic clubs and national teams, I’m proud to have hundreds of items to offer you. Product prices vary according to their age, rarity and condition but are all sold at (that I think) a very competitive price/quality ratio.

Besides the whole ‘selling’ part, my goal is to educate (young) collectors and football fans. I truly believe that vintage classic football shirts are even better when you know the story behind them.

 When ordering here, you can expect excellent pre-sales & after-sales service wether you have a ‘modest’ budget or if you decided to spend big bucks. If you’re not satisfied, how can I be?

 Now go browse the collection, enjoy what you see. Go on Youtube, relive the moments related to the shirt you have found. If you have questions, e-mail us, call us, send a private message on our Facebook page or message us on Instagram. 

And if the timing’s not right for you to get anything from Passion Foot, I truly hope to welcome you back very soon.

Truly Yours, Fadel Lahlou
Passion Foot Founder